Loose Interpretations and Martin’s Tale

Martin’s Tale is the result of a collaborative game jam. Seven OHRRPGCE devs made a single chapter, telling and passing forward the art and narrative to shape a collective rpg. It’s a really neat, exciting idea, that of course didn’t work out. There is absolutely no cohesion in assets, art styles, or tone, to give the game singularity. Martin’s Tale feels instead like an anthology of seven games. Each person made a game in their own style and passed it forward. In each chapter the world completely changes around Martin, his goals shifting and changing with those whims. The beginning and the end have virtually nothing in common.

Every chapter in Martin’s Tale, except the final one, is a subversive mess or a prototype that takes about 15 minutes. Not a single experiment works – it’s basically untrue to even call them experiments – however I found the works incredibly endearing. A few dug at and got me to question what the jrpg is capable of, to question its default utility.

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