Vextro Reading List Vol. 1

This is nothing more than an aggregation of whatever Vextro covered in the time span between podcast episodes. Which isn’t actually on a tight schedule either. So these anthologies will just come out when they come out. I’m just thinking of these as a quick reference, an alternative to engaging with every single thing we put out, putting more of a focus on the games. Our interest is in varied expression and hopefully in the process foster a better sense of “videogame literacy” or whatever that means. Listed in order of how long one takes to finish.

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Debris (2015)

float around in space cleaning up what counts as garbage, between scary and affirming


437 Underworld [EP] (2016)

navigate a dungeon made up of ascii aesthetic, blast monsters with magic, feel oldness


Seiklus (2003)

  • by cly5m
  • takes ~3 hours
  • childlike, dreamy, platformer
  • free

nonviolent exploration, persistent pockets of life, collect fireflies


The Uncertainty Machine (2003)

  • by Ratracer
  • takes ~8 hours
  • impressionist, dystopic, puzzle adventure
  • free

investigate conspiracy and confront inequality, choose how to live politically


Gods Will Be Watching (2014)

manage the survival of many, fake justice, interrogate existential worth


The Talos Principle (2014)

  • by Croteam
  • takes ~20 hours
  • dioramas, meta art, puzzles

a museum tour that finds comprehension abstract, meaningless, and most important


Thief: Gold (1998)

  • by Looking Glass Studios
  • takes ~20 hours
  • gothic, surrealism, stealth

getting lost to find self, getting lost as spiritualism, getting lost to bonk dorks on the head


Deadly Premonition (2010)

  • by Access Games
  • takes ~25 hours
  • horror, surrealism, open world

the only simulator worth a damn, simulates nothing at all, awful and bad and kitsch to a fault but smugly aware of it, somehow manages to have a strong emotional core


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