Vextro Reading List Vol. 2

Vextro is made possible with contributions to is patreon. Okay that’s not really true as of this post but it needs be. I digress, we all made it another month! Well, a month and then some. A lot is on the line here but also not much at all. That’s a weird feeling of displacement, stress in service of a void. In pride, at least, everything this site has set out to accomplish is being accomplished. I don’t really know what’s going to happen, but hell, support underground games. The meme to stand by: support underground games. Listed in order of how long each takes to finish.

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La forêt (2015)

make life, become consumed by it. inside-of-a-painting simulator


Matter for Better (2016)

feel a death-like nostalgia for civilization. ostensibly feel better


Tool-Assisted Tool-Assisted Speedrun (2010)

  • by qrleon
  • takes ~30 mins
  • defaultcore, meta art, arcade-like
  • free

reducing aesthetical obtuse and esoteric machinations to asinine input


A Subtle Kind of Murder (2015)

get away with murder in reverse phoenix wright. aspirational character coping


Awkward Dimensions Redux (2016)

a plurality and duality of dreams. chemical and physical and tragic and personal


Ao Oni (2008)

conspiracies that self-fold and will never be answered paired with constant tension


Neverending Nightmares (2014)

  • by Infinitap Games
  • takes ~2 hours
  • horror, surrealism, stealth

pains of never healing, never being good enough, down and down in layers of darkness


Kholat (2015)

  • by IMGN.PRO
  • takes ~5 hours
  • horror, naturalism, exploration

walk around in a cold uncaring waste and die


Undertale (2015)

  • by Toby Fox
  • takes about ~20 hours
  • comedy, meta art, rpg

it’s undertale. its composition and dramatic framing scene to scene is most praiseworthy


Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (2005)

  • by Headfirst Productions (RIP)
  • takes about ~20 hours
  • horror, shooter, BAD

choppy and frustrating but somewhat endearing. lots of unexamined prejudice. cult game for standing out rather than out of goodness. still was ambitious, amazing environments


Cube (2001)

  • by Wouter van Oortmerssen
  • takes however much time you want
  • creation software, defaultcore, shooter
  • free

a game made of fabric, to be ripped and torn, to be touched up and personalized. someone make me a cube level, bring tears to my face


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