Vextro Reading List Vol. 3

Vextro is uh, there’s uh, patreon. I’m tired but hey I guess let’s also be tireless. Conflict, conflict, conflict, I see dark skies and dead horizons. Let art unite and recharge us at the very least. Support your friends, give grace to your rivals, and no mercy (no patience, no credibility) to those that’ll bring harm. I’m not a fan of optimism, I fill my dark pits with action and recourse. Whatever works though. Stay alive friends and readers. I’ll keep supporting the small, ignored, and downtrodden, in a medium notorious for those states.

Games still listed in order of how long they take to finish. I’ll say support underground games, but I’ll add: make some games! There is nothing holding you back from fighting entropy. Everyone can make games.

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Strangers | Who I Want You to Be | Jobhunter (2015-2016)

  • by Alice Indie
  • each twine takes less than an hour
  • protest, thought exercise, sociopolitical models
  • free

stark prose with consequence, mirrors and magnifying glasses


Chalk (2007)

draw to protect, to change, to solve. magnificently expands a conservative game style


Rotating Squares of Death (2015)

  • by Yokcos
  • takes ~3 hours
  • minimalist, masocore, avoider
  • free

evolution of a muted nonexistent genre. jokingly called it “raiden of avoider games”


Enclosure (2003)

stilted and boring until it ends bewildering, with powerful dedication



Will You Ever Return? Double Feature (2012)

all these things, people, and places, defined by what they lack. they cannot be filled


Crypt Worlds (2013)

honesty? life comes at you fast


LISA trilogy (2012-2015)

a voice of emptiness, splintered and problematic, glad such divisive games can exist





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