Vextro Reading List Vol. 4

Presenting a better representation for marginalized videogames feels so small. I dunno, maybe introspection isn’t good enough. Vextro has always been obviously political in our writings and will continue to draw those parallels, rejecting fascism and dehumanization.

Games listed in how long they take to finish.

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Dear (2014)

inexplicable voids with images cute & impenetrable


Options (2013)

straining difficulties of communication and of small changes undecided


두부레이서 (2016)

  • by nom
  • short-but-variable play sessions
  • post-modern, arcade, autorunner
  • online

frustration as a definite expression. avoid both the familiar and alien


Loop (2016)

whiplash, of fears imagined then of fears real, very delicate drawn out relationship


Beeswing (2014)

  • by Jack-King Spooner
  • 2 hours
  • material-sim, interactive fiction, drama

just fantastic


Quite Soulless (2008)

  • by Vasily Zotov
  • 6 hours
  • art brut, surrealist, puzzle

“I don’t believe the LANGUAGE is that important, but my HEART.



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