Vextro Reading List Vol. 6

Divest from corps. Decenter them at least. Imagine any other art scene where everyone talked about profit forecasting and publishers. That’s videogames. Like no matter where you fall in the discourse, that’s how you signal you’re with it. It’s so stifling and boring. A desire to replace monolithic, slow-on-the-uptake, obscured corporations, with the transparency and intimacy of individuals and artists is not elitism, it’s survival!

god, the new season of twin peaks is so good. that’s where my head is at
apologies for the lull in pace recently it’s hard to maintain 100%
but it’s going, one game at a time

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cw: depression stuff

writing in lowercase again because it’s more comfortable to tackle personal topics like this. i think of it like minimizing space, a kind of tepid and forced humility. it’s a natural impulse for me when i don’t want to feel seen and i don’t want to feel like an authority, but i’m not sure if that’s how other people see it or read it. i don’t mean to impose anything either. it’s just easier for me to apply a specific direction and style of writing for certain topics.

i’ve decided to also start writing about japanese freeware games because, i uh, can, and i think it’ll further my commitment to talking up small games by tying big ideas and lifestyles to them. or in other words, same as any other writing on here. lightly, consider lightly, that gamewriting’s american and english-centrism is a clear and present weakness.

but already, engaging with stuff i’m not fluent in has presented challenges. peripheral information is laborious to unparseable; i didn’t really know what i was getting into when i started playing 少女 (shōjo, which just translates to girl). having to suddenly and unexpectedly devote my attention (reading while learning a language is indistinguishable from close reading) to traumatic events that i have personal stake in… is less than pleasant.

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