Vextro Reading List Vol. 6

Divest from corps. Decenter them at least. Imagine any other art scene where everyone talked about profit forecasting and publishers. That’s videogames. Like no matter where you fall in the discourse, that’s how you signal you’re with it. It’s so stifling and boring. A desire to replace monolithic, slow-on-the-uptake, obscured corporations, with the transparency and intimacy of individuals and artists is not elitism, it’s survival!

god, the new season of twin peaks is so good. that’s where my head is at
apologies for the lull in pace recently it’s hard to maintain 100%
but it’s going, one game at a time

Pretentious Game (2012)

  • by keybol
  • takes ~10 minutes
  • parody, minimalist, platformer
  • online

resist reducing the complexities and miracles of life to binary


少女 (2017)

  • by りずむ
  • takes ~10 minutes
  • tragedy, stream-of-consciousness, visual novel
  • download

relive trauma, breaking points, maybe close a wound, maybe open one


Reality (2015)

i am but a wave to infinity


Agent Escape (2016)

“realism” & “simulation” often recreate oppression without interrogation


Gyossait (2011)

  • by Amon26
  • takes ~1 hour
  • surreal, horror, platformer
  • online

played out game styles and frameworks have power if they express something personal


Armada (2013)




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