vextro loves games: episode 8



in this episode we talk about/explain the narrative & story of pathologic in depth. also included is some updates on vextro projects and such. this episode is 5 hours and largely unedited so here is a table of contents to help you ration/navigate this cursed content.

0:00:00 – intro, personal updates, opening thoughts

~0:22:30 – conversation about pathologic starts. mechanics and premise

~1:38:00 – the bachelor’s story

~2:44:30 – the haruspex’s story

~3:24:00 – the changeling’s story

~4:01:00 – questions, closing thoughts

next time we’ll be talking about a handful of ARCADE GAMES: Boogie Wings, Raimais, and Vendetta

( devs namedropped
mason lindroth
john thyer )


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