vextro loves games: episode 10


in this episode we talk a bit about what we’ve been doing this year, and the videogame mass effect (2007). uh oh

next time we’ll be talking about us lovely corpses and gradius.

opening song is a very dangerous place from mass effect. ending song is
duel of the fates because i didn’t feel like listening to the mass effect ost and thought a star wars song would be funny

vextro loves games: episode 9



in this episode we’re joined by GUEST: ODAI.¬†special credit to odai for doing everything.

his choice of games: boogie wings (1992), raimais (1988), and vendetta (1991)

next time we’ll be talking about mass effect.

opening song is attract mode / select from boogie wings. ending song is the crucel villians from vendetta

vextro loves games: episode 8



in this episode we talk about/explain the narrative & story of pathologic in depth. also included is some updates on vextro projects and such. this episode is 5 hours and largely unedited so here is a table of contents to help you ration/navigate this cursed content.

0:00:00 – intro, personal updates, opening thoughts

~0:22:30 – conversation about pathologic starts. mechanics and premise

~1:38:00 – the bachelor’s story

~2:44:30 – the haruspex’s story

~3:24:00 – the changeling’s story

~4:01:00 – questions, closing thoughts

next time we’ll be talking about a handful of ARCADE GAMES: Boogie Wings, Raimais, and Vendetta

( devs namedropped
mason lindroth
john thyer )


vextro loves games: episode 6



in this episode we’re joined by GUEST:¬†COLIN. talkin’ about the struggles of indie development and the hustle that goes with it.

his choice of games: gyossait (2011), armada (2013), and colin’s own game in development: lucah.

next month we’ll be discussing oikospiel book I, proteus, panoramical, and dyad.

vextro loves games: episode 2



vextro hates halloween so much we’re doing halloween in november to strip the holiday of all semiotic meaning. that’s a joke please don’t block us we actually love halloween. in this episode we talk horror basically like posers. max offers an objective and groundbreaking definition of horror that will change your life.

SUPPORT UNDERGROUND GAMING this eps games: call of cthulhu: dark corners of the earth (2005), ao oni (2008), neverending nightmares (2014), kholat (2015)

cw: neverending nightmares includes discussion of self harm, suicide, depression. ~1:15:00

vextro loves games: episode 1

in this first episode of vextro loves games we introduce ourselves by whining a great deal. learn what vextro is “about” or whatever. please support underground games.
also part of every cast is talking about 3 random games because that’s quality entertainment that the users desire.
the games: seiklus (2003), deadly premonition (2010), the talos principle (2014).