vextro loves games: episode 7



we talk a bit about the new vextro game coming soon, and the release of welcome to heaven on steam.

this episode’s games are dyad (2012), proteus (2013), panoramical (2015), oikospiel book 1 (2017)

next time we’ll be talking about ice-pick lodge’s pathologic.

vextro loves games: episode 6



in this episode we’re joined by GUEST: COLIN. talkin’ about the struggles of indie development and the hustle that goes with it.

his choice of games: gyossait (2011), armada (2013), and colin’s own game in development: lucah.

next month we’ll be discussing oikospiel book I, proteus, panoramical, and dyad.

vextro loves games: episode 2



vextro hates halloween so much we’re doing halloween in november to strip the holiday of all semiotic meaning. that’s a joke please don’t block us we actually love halloween. in this episode we talk horror basically like posers. max offers an objective and groundbreaking definition of horror that will change your life.

SUPPORT UNDERGROUND GAMING this eps games: call of cthulhu: dark corners of the earth (2005), ao oni (2008), neverending nightmares (2014), kholat (2015)

cw: neverending nightmares includes discussion of self harm, suicide, depression. ~1:15:00

vextro loves games: episode 1

in this first episode of vextro loves games we introduce ourselves by whining a great deal. learn what vextro is “about” or whatever. please support underground games.
also part of every cast is talking about 3 random games because that’s quality entertainment that the users desire.
the games: seiklus (2003), deadly premonition (2010), the talos principle (2014).