On Jedi Knight III

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is an action game exploring the growth of jedi and jedi power. The player creates their own avatar and becomes an apprentice to the jedi academy. A friend, rival, and co-apprentice is Rosh Penin, a competitive dork who gets in the way of training and missions. The protagonist is often passive aggressive toward Rosh, as a written character instead of being a cipher, and is less forgiving than I wanted. Rosh in his brash arrogance begins to be mystified by the power of the dark side. As a friend, it comes down to the apprentice to fight and try to stop him from joining the antagonists. Rosh is saved by the dark jedi, so the matter is yet to be resolved.

A distress signal comes through as Rosh is supposedly being held captive. When found he’s sorry, scared, and reaches out for help. The apprentice leaps to a different conclusion, wary of Rosh, all existing tensions between the two coming to an ugly point. It feels like he’s setting up a trap. While he begs for life, the story splits into two. The latent anger and unforgiving ways can be overcome, Rosh can be forgiven and accepted again. Or become blind with rage.

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